I feel like I have been passionate about art since birth, and my love for it was nurtured by my grandmother, who taught me the significance of self-expression through every art and craft she could introduce me to. 


I take great pride in calling Cambridge, Ontario, my hometown, and I currently reside in Napanee, Ontario Canada. 

Being a creative has led me down many avenues of experience from merchandising, to interior decor and home staging, to now, fine art.

Despite not having received a formal art education, I have diligently honed my skills through workshops with talented Canadian artists. In 2019 I took a one-year online art course studying up to 30 hrs a week. Studying everything from drawing to oil painting to mixed media and marketing.

 My unique background and diverse influences have profoundly shaped my artistic style, allowing me to be prolific in creating personal and meaningful pieces. 

 Continuously pushing the boundaries of my creativity, I am constantly exploring new techniques and approaches. I utilize mixed media to portray the diversity and potency of humanity, employing intricate layers to depict the complexity of human character. 

 My artwork incorporates strong imagery, transparency, femininity, patterns, text, and numbers. Each piece I create is authentic, raw, and unfiltered, inviting viewers to establish their own personal connections with the work forming a profound bond with the message and the story.


I invite you to accompany me on my journey as I dive deeper into my creativity and continue to produce art that resonates with meaning.