Joanne Kells Chalmers

Joanne Kells Chalmers is a professional artist from Napanee, Ontario. From an early age, this nature-loving entrepreneur had her spark of imagination ignited by playing alongside her artistic grandmother, who encouraged Joanne to nurture her creativity.

Inspired, Joanne has explored her artistic spirit by studying with some of Ontario’s most talented artists. This lifelong exploration led to technical refinement and valuable insights.

A prolific painter, Joanne works tirelessly at refining her process and making new discoveries. Her use of layers, textures, mixed media, and collage help define her artistic voice and make her feel connected to each piece she creates.

“There is something about using your hands to shape the paper that feels organic,” she says. “It’s a tactile experience that comes straight from the gut.”

The cozy studio where she works is flooded with light that streams in through large patio doors. Two studio cats stretch out in a beam of sunlight bringing a sense of calm to the space. Joanne listens to podcasts, music or the uplifting sounds of birdsong as she creates one soul-satisfying painting after another, and makes new discoveries along the way. This is her happy place. Her home. Her grandmother would be so proud!